Why I Choose to Cloth Diaper


There are SO many choices to make when it comes to parenting. Like whether or not to co-sleep, breastfeed, use “baby” laundry soap.  Should you wear your baby? Let them cry it out? How much TV is too much? The list is endless.  But one of the many parenting choices that came up when my son was about 7 or 8 months old was should I use cloth diapers?

Choosing to use cloth diapers was not an easy decision to make.  I didn’t want to dismiss it like I had before but give it the effort that every parenting choice I make should get.

SBClothLet me tell you.  I don’t know ANYONE in person who uses cloth diapers.  So it isn’t like I could just ask someone.  So I did the same thing I do when I don’t know where to start with something.  I searched the internet.  In those very beginning days of learning about cloth the most helpful places were websites like BabyCenter that had forums with people dying to tell you everything they can about cloth diapering.

I asked MANY questions.  All of which I’m sure they had heard before but were gracious enough to answer them again for me.  My biggest question was “why do you choose to use cloth diapers?”

There were so many answers.  A few of which came up again and again.  They are economical, better for the environment, keep chemicals off their baby’s bottom, keep rashes away, and they are cute.

The reason that hooked me was that they are economical.  WAIT! Economical, really? So I looked around on some recommended sites.  Cloth diapers cant really be cheaper than disposables at $20 a diaper, can they?

You bet they can!  And guess what?!  There is an even MORE economical way to cloth diaper you baby.  You can buy a prefold (it is like a Gerber burp rag but absorbs more) and use a cover.  Prefolds are $1-2 each and if your baby isn’t TOO messy you can use only maybe 2 covers in a day.  Oh and these aren’t your grandmothers plastic pants covers.  Nope they have hook and loop (Velcro) or easy plastic snaps.

Here are a few sites that have good cost comparisons.  Just a note.  The cost of disposables is different for everyone depending on your location and brand you buy.  These show the cost of diapering one child infant to potty learning.  So if you have another child you wouldn’t have to spend another dime (besides washing).  Compared to disposables where you would have to spend all the money all over again.

Diaper Decisions , Best Bottom Diapers (scroll halfway down), Jillian’s Drawers


By the time my son was 10 month old he was in cloth.  The number one reason I chose to cloth diaper my son was money.  Even so, it was still nice to know that less chemicals would be going on his bottom, that I would be contributing LESS to the landfills, they are WAY cute, and there isn’t paper on his bottom.  I don’t wear paper undies so why should I force him to do so?

You know what the best part is?  I now have another child.  My son is nearly two years old and my daughter is 3.5 months.  the only cloth I had to buy this time were a few smaller sized diapers.  I will still be spending WAY less than I did with my son!

Tell me, why do you choose cloth?


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  1. Why wouldn’t you choose cloth? Economical is definitely my first reason, second is the health factor. Or maybe second is the cute factor and third is the health factor. And somewhere in there is how much better they are for the environment. Ahh, I can’t decide what order they’re in, but I definitely prefer cloth!

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