Microfleece Liners


Well the most economical way to cloth diaper you child is probably prefolds and/or flats with covers. They are inexpensive and very easy to clean.  I also like that I have the choice of them helping me help my toddler potty learn.

How?  Well cotton fabrics will keep wetness against your child’s skin.  You toddler most likely wont like that and hopefully will want to potty learn faster.

But what if your baby isn’t ready for potty learning or has sensitive skin?  What if you want to keep your child’s skin dry AND use prefolds and/or flats?

Microfleece liners.

A microfleece liner is just a piece of fabric you lay between the cloth diaper and your child.  It acts as a stay-dry to keep your child dry.

Guess what?! They are SUPER simple to make.  No sewing involved.  You can get some microfleece from your local fabric store, online ( I like Fabric.com), or you can go to you local clothes store.  Look for pajama’s that are a very very thin fleece.

Here I will show you how to make them.


First cut a piece of cardboard in the size and shape you want to use.  Next lay it on your fabric and you can either trace then cut with scissors or you can cut around your stencil with your rotary cutter.  I used a rotary cutter because its faster and I already had one.

That’s it! You’re done. See super fast, super simple.



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