Making Baby Food


With my son I only made his baby food a couple times and it was stuff we were already eating that I just mashed up and maybe added some water.  This time around I decided I want to make the baby food.  It’s SUPER cheap and can be frozen for months!  That much I knew but really I didn’t know where to start.

So, naturally, I turned to friends who had done it to hear about their experiences.  I did not hear one bad thing.  Everyone who had done it loved the idea of it and the ease of it.  I was referred by many to  It is a great website for questions you may have.

Ok so it looks easy and others liked it enough, so why did I decide to do it?  Well there were two main reasons.  First they load baby food jars in the store with slat.  A lot of salt and other crap that I just don’t really want to feed my baby.  When you make your own you decide what goes in it.  For me that means the fruit, vegetable, or grain and some of the water I use to stem it.  NO SALT!

Reason number two to make my baby’s own food, money.  It is SO much cheaper to make your baby’s food.  The mark up you pay for pre packaged food really is ridiculous.  To me to have someone else do what will take me less than an hour is not worth the extra $$.

Here is my first attempt at making Olyvia’s first baby food.  I made two sweet potatoes.


First I peeled the potato and cut it into cubes.  In a pot with a small amount of water I put my steamer and the cubes.  I put a lid on and let it steam until the potatoes felt mushy.


Next I put some potatoes in my rocket blender ($20 at Wal-Mart) with some of the water in the bottom of the pot and mixed it until it was creamy.


Then I put the mixture into an ice cube tray.


When the tray was full I put plastic wrap over it and placed it in the freezer.


After they were frozen I popped them out of the trays (sometimes running warm water over the back of the ice tray helps loosen them) and put them in plastic freezer bags for keeping until I decide to use them.

See super simple and SO worth it!  What foods have you made for baby?


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