Swagbucks = Free Stuff


I know your thinking ” Excuse me? Did you just say free stuff?”  And the answer is yes. Yes I did.  Now you’re wondering what are swagbucks and how do they work, right?

Well it’s is SO simple.  Swagbucks is a search engine.  Well not just a search engine.  They also have polls, surveys, videos you can watch, and sweepstakes.  By doing things, as simple as searching like you would on any search engine, you can earn points.  When you get enough points you can trade them in to redeem gift cards or prizes.

I recently traded my points in and got Amazon gift cards.  (I have to tell you though with the amazon gift cards you don’t get an actual card, you get a number that you use as a certificate and the $$ amount goes straight to your account.)  This was how I was able to score my Ergo for less.

I search a lot.  Well maybe not a lot but enough that I would rather use my searches to have the chance to earn points/gift cards than not.  So I have set swagbucks.com as my home page so it’s SUPER easy and accessible.  If you choose (and you get some swagbucks for it) yo can add a search bar on your browser to make it even more accessible.  I also have the widget in my cell phone so I can search while out if need be.

There is also a swidget.  Again with the silly words.  What is a swidget you ask?  Well worpress wont allow me to show you directly but Here  (press play) is a link to my swidget on my Facebook fan page.

It allows you to see codes that will score you easy points. You can use it to sign up for swagbucks, or even check out their blog.

It’s a great way to get something free!
Search & Win


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