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Making Baby Food


With my son I only made his baby food a couple times and it was stuff we were already eating that I just mashed up and maybe added some water.  This time around I decided I want to make the baby food.  It’s SUPER cheap and can be frozen for months!  That much I knew but really I didn’t know where to start.

So, naturally, I turned to friends who had done it to hear about their experiences.  I did not hear one bad thing.  Everyone who had done it loved the idea of it and the ease of it.  I was referred by many to  It is a great website for questions you may have. Read the rest of this entry


Microfleece Liners


Well the most economical way to cloth diaper you child is probably prefolds and/or flats with covers. They are inexpensive and very easy to clean.  I also like that I have the choice of them helping me help my toddler potty learn.

How?  Well cotton fabrics will keep wetness against your child’s skin.  You toddler most likely wont like that and hopefully will want to potty learn faster.

But what if your baby isn’t ready for potty learning or has sensitive skin?  What if you want to keep your child’s skin dry AND use prefolds and/or flats? Read the rest of this entry

Crab Dip


Today I’m going to share one of my FAVORITE treats.  I grew up in Maryland where eating crabs is a summertime tradition.  I have no problems picking a crab and getting messy.  In fact I enjoy it!

It’s your lucky day!  Not only am I going to spare you the details and pictures of me picking crabs, but I am going to share my crab dip recipe with you.  This recipe has been passed around from friend to friend and family to family.  Each changing it a little.  What I’m sharing with you is what I feel is perfection. Read the rest of this entry