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Save A Dollar


Someone recently asked me what I do for work since I’m always home with my children.  My response was that I don’t do anything.  I don’t have a job.  Well not one that brings in money.  My husband is the bread winner in our house.  But I told her that it’s not only about the money you bring in, but how you save on everyday things as well.

So it got me to thinking.  How do I save a dollar?  Well if you remember from my other posts we use cloth diapers.  With two children in diapers this makes a big difference.  Even if you cant or don’t want to use them 100% of the time they still will cut back on your diaper expense big time.  We also started using cloth towels in the kitchen.  We used to use a TON of paper towels.  We still use a ton just much of it is cloth instead of paper.  I make the baby food, sun dry when we can to save power, buy in bulk, and eat leftovers.  I am also trying to learn to coupon which I’m sure will save me money.  I have recently learned to up-cycle, which is where you take something that was previously made and turn it into something else (like a pillowcase into a toddler dress).

What do you do to save a dollar?