Crab Dip


Today I’m going to share one of my FAVORITE treats.  I grew up in Maryland where eating crabs is a summertime tradition.  I have no problems picking a crab and getting messy.  In fact I enjoy it!

It’s your lucky day!  Not only am I going to spare you the details and pictures of me picking crabs, but I am going to share my crab dip recipe with you.  This recipe has been passed around from friend to friend and family to family.  Each changing it a little.  What I’m sharing with you is what I feel is perfection. Read the rest of this entry


In The Beginning


It’s hard to know where to get started so like many other things in my world I’m going to just jump right in.

Growing up my parents didn’t have a lot of money.  I mean we got by ok, but how we did that is kind of the reason behind this blog.  When I was younger, if we wanted or needed something we went to the store and bought it.  If we didn’t have the money we waited (and waited and waited sometimes) until we did to buy it.  Yes it felt wonderful when we finally got what we needed, but it felt horrible having to wait (and wait and wait) for something we needed right then.

As I became a young woman and was paying my own bills and buying the stuff I wanted and needed I chose not to wait.  I bought everything.  Often spending all the money I had.  I got into debt and became tired of feeling like money was burning a hole in my pocket.

It took me a few years but I began to become more thrifty (or cheap as my friends and family liked to call it).  I began primarily buying only store brand merchandise.  I bought only the things I really needed.  I stopped going out and having fun.  It was like a complete 180.

Not cool.

What I really needed to do was meet somewhere in the middle.  I wanted to be able to have the things I wanted and needed but not pay much for them.  I began using coupons here and there.  I met my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who have to be the most talented crafty ladies I have ever met.  I found the internet scattered with deals and how-to’s here and there.  I got married and had children.

Over time I became the woman I am now.  And although I’m still learning how to be thrifty, I have come a long way.  And that’s what I want to share with you.

I want this blog to be a collection of pinched pennies.  A collection of all the ways I find to save on items I, and hopefully you,  need and want.  I want to share tutorials on how to make things.  Do reviews on products I have tried and you may want to know more about.  I want to share good deals I find online and in the store.  And help network you to thrifty friendly stores.

And that’s just the beginning.

I know this blog will soon have many of the things I want to share with you.  I also know that it will evolve over time and become something great.  I’m always excited to hear about fresh ways to save, or new crafts that are helpful.

Leave a comment.  Spread the word. Let’s be thrifty together!